Friday, November 19, 2010


This is a sunflower painting I'm working on and I'm liking it so far. When this one is done, I have two 8x10s to complete; one is sunflowers and the other is mountains with flowers. I also have a 12x16 piece with gardenias and butterflies. That will be interesting because I've never painted butterflies or gardenias. I've been thinking about the lines amd I don't think the gardenias will have any lines because they're such a light color. We'll see when I get to that point.
Oh, the photos I have posted below - we went on a day trip Wednesday. First to Jemez, which was beautiful with all of the red hills. And the Gilman tunnels. Then on to Los Alamos. We saw deer and passed by Valle Caldera, the huge nature preserve. And then we went on to Chimayo, which was absolutely beautiful. There was no one there, we were the only travelers at that time. The sun was shining down on the mountains and the church seemed so serene and spiritual. I mean it always seems spiritual, but it was just really beautiful. And there was a moon coming up over the mountains. I took lots of photos so you'll be seeing some paintings of that coming up. Then we went to eat at the newly reopened Rancho de Chimayo restaurant. It was burned in a fire a few years ago and is now beautiful again. I had shrimp enchiladas on blue corn tortillas with a pesto green chile sauce, with white cheese and black beans. Yum! But the sopapillas!!!! Oh my gosh, the hottest and fluffiest things I've ever eaten. We even brought a couple of them home. I would go back and just have sopaipillas - along with the wild honey locally grown in NM. Wonderful day.
So, I cleaned my studio yesterday! And my closet! And went through a bunch of magazines. And a couple of drawers. I always get in the mood to clean after a show is over. I am working out again and am going back to Weight Watchers tomorrow. I know, it's close to Thanksgiving and the holidays BUT I am going to try to maintain and lose a little too.
Gotta run - enjoy your day and watch for a daily painting soon.


  1. I love how fresh, spontaneous, and confident these two are. Really beautiful work. :) Love those reflections too, and all the variations in the greens
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  2. Thank you, I'm liking the colors too!