Monday, November 01, 2010

new smalls...




Wow, yesterday was crazy. I spent all day until almost midnight addressing postcards and I am still not done. This morning I am mailing everything I have so far, then I will continue on until I have them all ready to send out. I'm also making magnets (over 200), which will take up a good part of my day. I will be finishing up my dancers, a rooster in a lavender fields, two big red poppies, and then I'll see where I'm at. Someone has requested that I paint a vertical sunflower field, so I'll block that in tonight or tomorrow. In the morning, I will take an inventory, see how many paintings I have, what subjects, and how many more I think I can do and what subjects I'm missing that I want to include. I want to include EVERYTHING! Oh, and I am headed to Curves, can't forget the workout, especially since I ate a bunch of Halloween candy. We only had three groups of trick-or-treaters, about 22 total. I expected way more, but I think the local community center had a carnival this weekend, so maybe they were "candied" out. Anyway, more later, Artfest is only 10 days away!

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