Sunday, November 07, 2010

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Good morning everyone! It's very hard to post daily when I am in the painting zone for Artfest, so these next few days, you will probably see lots of paintings posted at once.
If you didn't get the Sunday morning paper, please do! There is a fantastic article written by David Steinberg about me, my paintings, and Artfest. It is wonderful and I thank him so much for doing such a thoughtful piece. They said they would make me look smart and sound smart and I pretty much think they did....just sayin'.
I have SO many things to do between now and Friday when the show opens. A 30x40 painting to complete, three 24x30s to finish, and lots of small paintings - I love to save those until the very end so I can paint every subject I didn't get to, it is just a wild ride to the finish! I have 300 magnets to create, an inventory list to make, a mad gathering of supplies; lights, rugs, signs, tables, twinkle lights, and all of the tiny little things that are so eay to forget. Things like sales books, pens, stapler, screws, drill, wire, tape, hammer, postcards, etc.
I want to invite you all to the show. I really feel like this is MY year. All my hard work for the last eight years has paid off. I am relaxed, I am balanced. I have lost 50 pounds ( well, close anyway!), and I want to relax, meet all my old friends, make some new ones, and just have fun at the wonderful, magical venue that is Weems Artfest. Love you all.
Oh, and scroll down for more paintings!

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