Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Dee's Artfest paintings...

Good morning everyone - first of all I want to say that my viewers have been getting some spam emails sent to them from someone who is not me! My brother in PA (who is a computer whiz guy) is fixing the problem. I apologize. Please don't open anything that does not look like it's from me.
Second of all, I am getting ready to head to Artfest to set up all the paraphenalia that is my booth. Afetr that, more work and tomorrow, hanging the paintings. I will be taking photos of work and posting as I do an inventory I will not send you every post, I will just put them up on the blog. I'll touch back in tonight.
Oh, this painting turned out so pretty, the photo doesn't do it justice. It's from a photo I took somewhere on this beautiful grey adobe background. Hope you like. Bye!


  1. Gorgeous, can't wait to see the "squigglies" (haha).

  2. I need this one!!! and the bird one!!! both!!! NEED NEED NEED!!!