Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I am almost finished with the large sunflower painting. I've taped off the sections and finessed the lines until I couldn't focus! Tomorrow morning I'll go over the whole thing one more time to double check that everything is cohesive and connected and then I will put the first coat of varnish. I'm not going to post it on the blog because I want my customer to have the first peek at it. After they see it, then I will post.
I'm getting ready for the annual Plein Air Painters of NM luncheon this weekend. It's really cool because we're also having an Art Material Swap during our meeting, a cool lunch, a vote for officers, and also a plein air painting demo by someone, I forget who, (my bad) but he must be pretty good to be doing a demo for all the plein air painters! I plan on taking a couple of plein air easels, some paints, and a few books. Hopefully I can sell or trade them and find a few treasures myself.
There's a lot going on this weekend - all of the antique stores near my house are having their annual Shop and Stroll. Every store has food and drink, lots of people, and good discounts. I think Corrales is also having their own Shop and Stroll this weekend. Man, Christmas is coming way too fast! But I do love it. I am already sick from eating so much food though....ugh.
After this sun painting is finished, I have a couple of small paintings I need to work on, and I am going to try to paint a daily painting or two. I am missing my little 8x8s and 8x10s! Stay tuned...


  1. As ususal you are soooo busy. We are all missing your daily paintings, too. Christmas is upon us now so take it easy and enjoy the season. See you in a couple weeks. Tom

  2. Tom, Got your card and email message. Thank you. Am fighting a cold!!!