Wednesday, June 08, 2011

day trip to Abiquiu and monastery

Isn't this the most beautiful place to build a monastery? Right at the end of a 13 mile dirt road with the Rio Chama running right alongside...

The cliffs near Abiquiu - love the puffy clouds

We went to Chimayo and this is Father Roca - the first pastor EVER at Santuario de Chimayo. He is 93 years old and he planted those trees you see in the background. He is from Spain and he spoke to my mother-in-law in Spanish about his life as a priest here. He has written a book (which I bought) and he signed it and blessed it for me. He's feisty and when I told him I was from Albuquerque, he said, "Bah, too big!" What a wonderful chance meeting.

These are roses out in front of the restaurant Rancho de Chimayo. We had a wonderful lunch there outside under the patio umbrellas.I ended up getting 6 sopapillas with fresh Chimayo honey to take home. I have a lot more photos but don't want to overload you. I tok 461 pics of the day trip!

The roses were in full bloom on the beautiful old doors.

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