Saturday, April 07, 2012

Hello everyone - 
Tomorrow I will be working on a large 40x40 canvas for New Day's Healing project.
I will also be doing a Taos painting and three 150 Challenge Show paintings. Whew!
Well, it's okay because I actually played hooky from work today and took a cool trip to Abiquiu and Ghost Ranch with friends.
I have posted some of the photos I took on my new personal blog. 
To see them, please click HERE.
Stay tuned and tomorrow night I should have new paintings posted here for you to see.


  1. Hello Dee,
    Loved it. I've been to all of thoses place and enjoyed every minute. I think I've even seen those two talking horses :>) Thanks for the memories in pictures. Oh yes, I, too, have a Ghost Ranch t-shirt.
    Almira in OK

  2. Almira, I was thinking about you when I was there!