Monday, April 09, 2012

Birdhouse for Safehouse

Here is my large birdhouse that I'm painting as a fundraiser for SAFEHOUSE, and I am behind schedule, as usual. I'm documenting the progression here, because usually I forget to take photos of things other than paintings.  
Step One. Sand the whole thing with a fine grade sand paper.

 Step Two. Apply my primer - in this case, a mix of true red and burnt sienna. Two coats.

Step Three. Totally primed and drying.

 Step Four. A  sketch with loose paint of a vague idea. I want a fantasy garden that any bird would love to live in. 

Step Five. I knew I wanted sunflowers on each side and two poppies in the front. Everything else was just freelance.

 Step Six. Now I have a basic block in of colors and I just continue to fill in. It's all about color and fitting little notes of contrast together.

Step Seven. My original thought was to make the entryway various shades of turquoise. This is not what I ended up with! The two bird holes are painted turquoise inside.

Step Eight.  The left side. You can see that I have painted in a sky that filters down into the flowers.I did this to all sides.

Step Nine. I decided to change the top and bottom of the entryway to a rusty orange to contrast with the turquoise

 Yes, I am liking this. I would want to live in this fairy birdhouse.

 The top view of both sides along with my acrylic palette.

 Another view.

 I think it's pretty!

My signature on the back. Now all I have to do is apply two coats of an interior/exterior varnish and it's ready. Whew. Tomorrow...another project.
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