Friday, April 13, 2012

I accomplished three things today - cleaning up my studio, going to Curves, and making new to-do lists. That's about it.
 I only have one painting left to ship, that's the Chimayo with the moon in the background that you see on the easel and it's going to Arkansas on Tuesday.
I have about four small paintings that I'm going to offer in a special sale, probably on Sunday, just to get them out of the studio. And of course, I still have all of my 150s to paint, and some for a friend and some for relatives.
I'm taking a day trip sometime in the next next few days and will report on that when I have photos to share.
And I also have a new blog post on my personal blog, mudbaths and moonbeams. 
If you'd like to read it, click the image below.
Have a great weekend!

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