Sunday, April 22, 2012

150 News and Weems Show

Okay, first, the news - I am gearing up BIG TIME to finish my 150 show paintings. You will see them explode on the blog daily until about May 28, when they will head down to Weems Old Town for hanging. 
But the news is that I have made them easier to view so you can choose your favorites by number. When you go to the website the paintings are all in thumbnail order and if you click on one, it flips over and tells you the number. If you see something you like, please call the gallery at 505-764-0302 and put your name on a list for that particular piece. The show opens Friday, June 1, at 5pm. We'll have lots of goodies and great music and then at 6pm, we will live auction off two larger paintings with a portion of the proceeds going to Casa Esperanza (the home away from home for people receiving cancer treatments at UNM Hospital). The show and sale start at 6:30pm. You do not have to be in attendance to purchase paintings. So if you want to see the new format for the 150 blog and see the paintings come hot off the easel, click HERE.

Oh, and I have a new post on my personal blog, "mudbaths and moonbeams. 
Click HERE to read.

 The Weems "Flowers and Still Life" Show. 
I know that's Carol Carpenter's beautiful hollyhocks.

 Sally McDevitt's newest work. These are a new venue for her and I really like the geometric patterns in back of the flowers. Or succulents.

Pretty, aren't they?

 I'm sorry, I should have gotten the artist's names.
I think I know them, but don't want to guess or misspell them.

 This is not floral, but my friend Esta Bain's pieces were also on exhibition. She makes these beautiful "ladies" I have two myself and a big nativity scene that I absolutely love. Her prices are very reasonable.

 Gee, I wonder who this belongs to? 
A 30x40" big chaotic mass of black-eyed susans and coneflowers.

I believe this is Kandy Tate's piece. Really made me think of spring. 

 A Dee Sanchez painting, 40x30" "Spring Meadow" flanked by beautiful iris. 
I'm unsure of the artist

The piece on the left is by artist BC Nowlin. 
He usually paints Native American scenes, so this is a departure from his usual work.

 I believe this is a watercolor by David Drummond. 
Isn't this fantastic? I love how the colors flow together and you can just feel the light.

Here you can see two of my painting, along with a few other pieces - 
one I think by artist Kathy Glidden.

This is my friend Michelle Chrisman's work.
 She's a plein air painter and uses a knife, but she also paints florals. Great show!

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