Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Legacy Art painting

The Legacy Art event is happening in a couple of weeks and I need to decide on my subject for the painting and get it done so it will have time to dry. I decided to use this canvas, a 30x24, because I have some frames in that size that I love and need to use. I had already sketched a floral piece that I meant to paint with a red background but that will just have to wait for another day and another canvas.

 This is my block in. I decided on a peaceful mountain scene, with wildflowers roaming through a meadow. The purple could either be a shadowed pathway or possibly water.
You can still see evidence of the floral sketch underneath.


This is not the final image. I shot it quickly with my digital but plan to have my photographer shoot it so I will have a good clear image for my records.
I like the way it turned out. I wouldn't mind taking a walk through this mountain meadow sometime. It would also make a nice image for a postcard.

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