Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Good morning!

This morning I just had to go to Barnes and Noble to get art magazines and art books to become "re-inspired." I find this always happens after I finish a big project or a show. I take a day or two to be a zombie, lay in the recliner and then my mind starts turning and I just have to get up and start something new.

Today I will be completing a painting marathon - a 24"x24" cunflower garden for the $285 show at Weems this Saturday. Hopefully I can throw some video in there so you can watch the process.

The show is at Weems Uptown at Louisiana and Montgomery and starts at 10am Saturday morning. Sixteen artists are participating and this is one of Weems highlight events. Nothing is the show is over $285. Some paintings are worth $1000 or more. You can imagine - it's like a fun art rummage sale. Except better! I think if you go to www.weemsgallery.com and click the link "shows and events" you can scroll down and see the info for the show. Anyway, stay tuned....

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