Wednesday, July 22, 2009


This scene was from my paint out in Taos last year. This was at the river in Pilar. It has gotten me excited about the upcoming event and I am gathering my materials:
easel (not this one) I'm taking a pochade box with a tripod. I still think it's too big but it will hold any size canvas from 6x8 to 9x12
stool or chair
paints (oil)
brushes/ knives
canvas panels/two frames for exhibition
medium, brush cleaners
wipees and paper towels
water/small cooler/snacks
cameras/extra batteries/two chargers (my batteries always die)
trash bags
I'm sure I left something out! I also went today to buy 8x8 gallery wrap canvas for some daily paintings, some plastic bottles, and some magenta paint. I still have a few paints to pick up. I PROMISE I will have a daily painting tomorrow!

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