Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I spent a whole morning walking around Taos Pueblo by myself! It is so beautiful. The pueblo has no running water and no electricity. All of the water comes from the stream separating the north and south sides of the pueblo. It's called Red Willow Creek. And all of its water comes from the sacred Blue Lake, deep up in Taos Mountain. I was going to paint but it was pretty expensive, you had to get prior approval, and already warm when I got there. This is the cemetary at Taos Pueblo. It used to be the site of the original church. Magical place indeed.

This is one of the streams, can't remember which, it's either at Taos Pueblo or Arroyo Hondo. Yep, I think it's Red Willow creek.

This was so cool! A real cattle drive. They were crossing these cattle from a valley (visible here) across the road and up the mountainside. I think it was a family, one of the riders was a mother with a baby in her lap. I got a short video, I'll post later. This was up near Angel Fire.

This is the north side of Taos Pueblo. There were lots of dogs and puppies wandering around and people were opening up shop, selling arts and crafts. Individual families live in the houses. Ladders to the roof used to be the only access into the pueblo houses, now people have added doors. The racks in front are for drying things; meats, jerky, etc. All of water is hauled by pottery or pails.

I think my camera had raindrops on it, but this was a spectacular thunderstorn to the west of us on our way home. This will make a great painting!

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