Sunday, January 22, 2012

Black and White Show

Christiana and I in front of my black and white dahlia painting

 some work in the black and white show

 a black and white paper mache kitty

 my painting "SANDIA CLOUDS"

my painting "AWAKENING"

We went to the Black and White Show yesterday - it was beautiful. And so different. I loved the idea of a challenge show, something to think about beyond the norm. The show will be up for about a month, so please try to get by and see it.
Some of my new Raymar panels came in yesterday. These are the supports I will be using for my 150 CHALLENGE paintings. They are harboard linen panels and the surface is yummy. I can't wait to start painting on them.
I had ordered some frames and they also came yesterday. When I opened the box I realized I had ordered the wrong ones. I'm going to keep them anyway - I'm sure I'll use them -  and reorder the ones I want. I wanted  a silver speckle plein air frame for the 150 CHALLENGE Show and what I got was a gold speckle. Not the same at all. Okay, tonight is the first 150 painting, and I think I'm going to start off with sunflowers. Be watching!