Sunday, January 15, 2012

Black and White...almost









As you know, I am painting five paintings for Weems upcoming

BLACK AND WHITE show and what you see above is four of them.

When I learned about the whole black and white theme, I thought it was very cool and a challenge. They also said you could use one other color in the paintings but I didn't even think about that.

Well, when I started to drag my tube colors out for the palette, I realized that I don't even have a tube of black paint because I NEVER use it. I always mix it.

Usually from a combo of Ultramarine Blue and Alizarin Crimson or Prussian Blue and Asphaltum. So it was a challenge indeed. I also never pre-mix colors on my palette, so what you see is spur of the moment mixtures to make a series of values of grey. I see some green tones, some purple tones, and even some brown tones. But it all comes across as black and white.

I still have one left and it will also be 24x30."

All paintings will be framed with an antique gold crackle finish floater frame.

Delivery date is this Monday and the show opens this coming Saturday.

For prices, please email me.


  1. These are wonderful Dee - as always I'm drawn to the Hollyhocks but the Indian is my next favorite. Your texture speaks as loud as your color usually does.

  2. Cara,
    Thanks - black and white is totally WAY harder than I thought it would be!