Thursday, January 19, 2012

Daily paintings are back!

oil on canvas

It's pretty exciting to be painting again on a regular basis! I think I had a bit of a painter's block for a while there after Artfest was over. I was just tired, burnt out, and needed a rest.
Now I have planned out a whole year's worth of shows and I am finally getting to work. This painting comes from an evening up in Taos. The sunset was gorgeous and what you see in the foreground is chamisa and other brush. 
For information on how to purchase this painting, please click on the Paypal button below.
I'm trying to get organized - I've ordered several different kinds of painting panels - some for daily paintings and some for other shows. I'll be experimenting to find the one I like best. I've also ordered two different frames for the upcoming 150 CHALLENGE show and I think I will post both of them and ask what you guys think.
Anyway, here we are again - and thanks for watching. On the pricing  - small 6x8 daily paintings will each be $75 with $10 shipping. 8x10 daily paintings will be $95 with $10 shipping..

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