Friday, January 13, 2012

photos for inspiration - Weems upcoming Black and White Show

I am feeling a little better today - enough so that I swept my studio and semi-organized it for painting. I have a couple of paintings that are drying now (they've been done for almost two weeks) and are about to be shipped (thanks for being patient Tom, Kathryn, and Judith).

I have five paintings due at Weems in just a few days and being sick has really put me behind schedule. Today I looked through lots of my photos -looking for something that would inspire me to paint and also have nice contrast and look good in black and white. I came up with these five: my two dancers that were on my most recent postcard, clouds and mesa, a Native American dancer (thanks, Tom!), hollyhocks at Old Town, and an abstract photo I got from somewhere that I will turn into something else.

We'll see what happens!


  1. Oh you KNOW I LOVE hollyhocks! So will be looking for that painting...I would have loved to see it at the three times of day...sunrise...midday and sunset...
    Just saying...a tri fold painting or three excited to see things in black and white...

  2. Janet, how about a three panel hinged screen?