Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy NewYear!

This lovely shot is a photo from Bosque Del Apache, a beautiful wildlife refuge just a few miles past Socorro, New Mexico - the day trip was wonderful and I took 304 photos.

I would like to wish you all Happy New Year - my family, my friends, my collectors, my artist acquaintances and hope you all have a fantastic 2012. It is now 11:42pm and I am trying to stay awake until midnight.

I am gearing up for starting work again next week and have lots of plans and ideasin store for the coming year. Get ready for a new Challenge too! So hang in there, enjoy the present moment, and my quote to start off 2012 is "Life should be easy." Love to you all...

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  1. Happy New Year Dee - here's wishing both of us a very productive 2012.