Tuesday, March 22, 2011

boy, what a day trip!

I have a friend in town and guess, what? I get to take another day trip! We took off and went to eat at a restaurant in Santa Fe, La Choza. The food was delicious - I love it when they give you real pinto beans instead of refrieds. Then we went to Abiquiu, stopped at the Abiquiu Inn and the Catholic church, then went on the Ghost Ranch, then up to Tierra Amarilla (THAT was one cool old town - lots of Land Grant uprisings there in the 60's and 70's), and then we decided just to go on to Chama, because it wasn't THAT far! We saw signs for Pagosa Springs, Colorado, so I guess we went almost as far north as we can go. The photo above is the beautiful hills and formations in Abiquiu. Man, over 200 photos for painting resources...

This photo is of the Echo Ampitheater, along the road to Tierra Amarilla. I don't know what they do there, but they have trails and it looks like it would be great for outdoor concerts.

This is cuz Goldie and I, hanging out at the Abiquiu Inn.

Umm, can you move, sweet cow?

This is a black and white view of Pedernal, the mountain that Georgia O'Keefe loved to paint, and thought of as her very own. It was a great day. Now I can only procrastinate one more time, then I REALLY have to get to work. I had new large tubes of paint delivered today, so I know, once I start, I won't stop until November! More photos below...


  1. hello Dee Sanchez Its Me Lillian Padilla Stock, I used to live in albuq. I was Friend of Jillian and worked at weems Selling your art....I Live in Nevada now and I do not like it Here...Snows almost every other day and I hate this Snow...I Gotta "Get back too New Mexico. Land grants, and quarls in...New Mexico still have Not Stopped. I think TOm catron and Other lawyers Stole So much land from The Hispanic's that it was Shameful. Lillian Padilla-stock Love your web site. Love your paintings too. ms Lillian

  2. Thanks Lillian, good to hear from you - hope you make it back to NM one day.