Tuesday, March 15, 2011

more day trip photos

This is a little stream in Truchas, it still had snow in certain parts. The foliage you see is red willow, it's absolutely beautiful in person. There's a sweet little adobe in the back. It was SO quiet here...

The winding main road through the tiny village of Truchas. The house on the right sits on the edge of a drop off to the deep canyon below. Truly a unique little village.

A cute little old adobe home. I thought it would make a beautiful painting, the grey against the blue and white of the sky.

Okay, this is why I love the zoom on my new camera. I was so far away from what I took this photo of - this is the winter view of the village of Chimayo from the highway - going higher up towards Truchas. The trees are all grey so it's not so pretty right now. I plan on going back in about a month and a half and doing another show like this. You won't believe the difference when the trees are green! More photos below

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