Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What a wonderful day...

My friend Tom at the old morada in Abiquiu, right next to Georgia O'Keefe's home overlooking the valley.

Okay, this is the overlook of the Rio Chama. It's not spring yet, so nothing is green, but isn't this lovely? I think it will make an awesome painting.

This was our wonderful find of the day. We turned on a little road outside of Abiquiu that said, "Monastery, 13 miles." The road was dirt all the way and the scenery was so incredibly beautiful. The Rio Chama ran right alongside the road with majestic and colorful outcroppings and hills - they were pastel-colored and reminded me of candy or colored chalk. Cows were grazing in the middle of the road. When we got to the end, the image above is what we saw. This is a church built by a Japanese architect, and there are also all of the monks' housing and a guesthouse. Everyone is welcome here, no matter your religion. They have a beautiful gift shop (they make everything they sell), the whole site is off the grid and uses solar for power. We got to sit in the church for one of their prayer services. To learn more about this serene and beautiful place, go to: www.christdesert.org.

These are only a few of the candy-colored outcroppings we passed on the way.


  1. Hello Dee,
    This is my favorite part of New Mexico. I've painted in the area many times, and I've taken a tour of GOK's home. Put that on your calendar for your next visit, but you have to plan way ahead of time. My husband and I are thinking of staying at the Inn in the fall. Talk to you later. Almira in OK

  2. Almira,
    Hi - I took a tour of her home last year - it was AWESOME. I want to go back again...the view...
    Ooh, let me know when you're coming. Have you been to the monastery there?

  3. I enjoy these photos so much - thanks for posting them.