Sunday, March 20, 2011

a couple of adventures....

Well, I think I am almost through procrastinating. I have cleaned my bathroom medicine cabinets, cleaned out my recipe and cookbook cabinets (threw away four plastic bags full of stuff), trimmed bushes and cleaned off the side courtyard where my studio French door is located. I have trimmed almost 50 rosebushes, started work on cleaning out a triangle flower bed and need to start working on the garden (yes, I am determined to have a garden this year, no matter how small).
One of my good friends is in town and we have a couple of day adventures planned. We are going to Abiquiu, one of my favorite places in NM. I know, nothing is really green yet, but just the drive is beautiful. To see those hills covered by pinon and juniper trees, maybe have lunch at the Abiquiu Inn, then on to Ghost Ranch, the Chama River, and Pedernal.
We will also be doing another day trip in totally the opposite direction. Taking off down HS14, through the backroads of the Manzano Mountains, to see some ruins, go through the town of Mountainair (a quick stop at the old Schaffer Hotel, which I've never seen), then on to Willard, the little town where most of my husband's relatives grew up. We will visit my Auntie Francis and probably have some beans, papitas, chile, and tortillas. We will check out the church and the Willard Cantina (the only two really scenic items of interest there).
Then back towards Estancia, to drop off an old painting that I have varnished to go into the Blue Ribbon Bar, which is owned by familia. The painting is on really old barn wood and is of my husband's grandfather. They wanted me to restore it, but the wood is so old and has so many grooves in it, that I didn't want to take the chance of ruining it. So I am giving it a few good coats of varnish and returning it to its proper place inside the bar.
I should have lots of great photos for inspiration and when I come back, I will be full time in the studio through November. Have a great week!

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