Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Long beautiful day trip to northern New Mexico

Okay, so here's the story: The Plein Air Painters of NM (of which I am a member) had a paint-out scheduled for Chimayo yesterday. Early in the morning. I got my cousin to go with me (she HATES getting out early, especially before she's had coffee). So we left the house at about 8:15am.
Got to Chimayo, didn't see any painters anywhere and I chose not to paint because it was so cold outside. So we took off and went to the small village of Cordova, then on to Truchas. Those villages are so quaint and beautiful - we chose old houses all along the way that we would turn into working studios and galleries!
Then back to Chimayo for lunch but the Rancho de Chimayo Restaurant was closed on Mondays (bummer, they have the BEST sopapillas), so we went on down to Tesuque, right outside of Santa Fe, to this cute little market/restaurant in the middle of the village. The restaurant has old plank floors and a fantastic fresh-baked pastry section.
From there, we went to Cochiti, then on to the Dixon Apple Farms, then back to Albuquerque by way of the villages of Pena Blanca, and Algodones. I felt like we had been gone about a week but it was SO much fun. It's still winter, so nothing has blossomed out yet, but we're going back in a month or two to check out "spring" in northern New Mexico. I came back with a lot of good photos and even more inspiration. 150 Challenge, here I come!
Who wouldn't want to be a horse in a setting like this?

My cousin Goldie next to an old gas pump - I was playing with the black and white feature on my camera.

Inside the little Santo de Ninos Chapel at Chimayo.

Okay, it was cold and cloudy and we were searching for a driveway to get into the little church at Truches. This little old house was right next to the church and this cute little elderly lady was out chopping wood for her fire. The pinon firewood smell....ah, there's nothing like it. More photos below

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