Sunday, March 27, 2011




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Okay, I'm back to work now. I think I just needed a little breather before I kick into the spring/summer/fall season of shows and exhibitions. I got to take some really nice day trips and am back with great photo references. It will be a long time before I need to search out more inspiration, although, there are quite a few exciting paint-outs coming up with's easy to be inspired when you're working out in the New Mexico landscape!


You will start seeing daily 150 Challenge paintings this week. To stay up to date and get an early start on picking your favorites for the show in June at Weems Old Town, go to:


I will continue offering small oil paintings available for purchase on this blog as time permits between my work on the 150 show and working on some really large oils for Weems Gallery in Uptown. I am aiming for 3-4 per week. The small oil paintings will be available at a special price of $75 each plus $10 shipping until June 1. There will be a Paypal button under each available painting, so if you see a little painting that speaks to you, please click and purchase.

I may also offer some larger paintings if they become available.


I know, I know, I keep saying that I want to do some videotaping of my working process. I promise, it's coming....


The event last night was SO fun. I think they raised more money this year than any other. I will be painting a 6ft. fiberglass permanent outdoor balloon for their patio that will be unveiled during their 20th anniversary next year. Any ideas? The continual theme at Casa is hope, so I'm thinking.....

Okay, thanks for listening and putting up with my craziness. I love you all and I thank you for supporting me and my art. Oh, and if you have any photos you'd like me to consider for the 150 Challenge, please email them to me at

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