Tuesday, March 15, 2011

lunch with Ali , well sort of....

Me having lunch with Ali McGraw at the Tesuque Market Restaurant (well, sort of, you can see my arm on the left!)

Beautiful flower arrangement and Our Lady of Guadalupe at Chimayo

I believe this was near the little village of Truchas on one of the backroads. We were stopped by a young couple from Vermont, who were on a sightseeing trip -they were trying to find the high raod to Taos and had come too far on the little dirt road we were on.

One of the hoodoos on the way to Chimayo

This was a beautiful little graveyard off of the highway onthe way to Truchas. It was so beautiful and sacred, with the snowcapped peaks as a backdrop.


  1. Thanks for these wonderful pictures Dee. The Tesuque market is great for breakfast too. Envy your fun day.

  2. Christina,
    Thanks, we went last year one morning - it was cold and a beautiful rain, had breakfast burritos there. Yum!

  3. Wonderful pictures of what looks like a wonderful trip - wish I had been there!

  4. hello Dee, Remember Lillian Stock from weems? I miss New MEx. Thanks for these Pictures...Love your art work keep it up. Ms Padilla- My Grandpa worked in the madrid Mines, I am Doing lots of research on my Padillas from Cerrillos/ la bonanza/ and La Cienega...Take care See yu someday In my Future.