Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Day trip to Palcitas, Golden, Madrid, Cerrillos

This is a view of the mountain range on the Turquoise Trail. Such serenity and peacefulness.

This is an old hippie (I'm just assuming) and his dog walking down the main street in Madrid. He wasn't too happy that I took his photo.

Obviously, they take their parking spaces seriously in Madrid. I didn't even think about parking here!

Madrid in the winter is not too pretty. We're going back in about a month or so for a "spring" viewing. I think the trees and foliage will be awesome by then. I still love it though.

The sweet little church in Golden, New Mexico. There was a sign posted that they're working on the church and won't be having mass until June or August. You can't even see this church from the road and there are no signs.
What a fun trip we had. The weather was wonderful and we just needed to get away for a day. We passed through snow. We went from about 5,000ft. to almost 10,000ft. We saw spectacular views from the top. But, it will be so much prettier this spring and summer. More photos of Cerrillos tomorrow. One more day of tax prep, then back to daily painting and the 150 Challenge!

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