Wednesday, January 05, 2011

25 things you might not know about me
  • I do like being alone. Sometimes too much. Being an artist is a lonely business sometimes, but we do need to get out and mingle.
  • I don't like being alone. I love my family and friends; love having them over for food, great conversation, just hanging out. What a dilemma. Hmm, Jeckle and Hyde.
  • I know a lot of trivia and am pretty good at games.
  • If I wasn't an artist, my second choice as a passion would be photography and blogging about it. Oh wait, I kind of do that already. I also love organizing; photos, papers, you name it. BUT - I also don't put things back where they belong. Hence, the need to constantly be organizing.
  • If I wasn't an artist, my third profession of choice would be one of those organic farmers who sells fruits and vegetables at the local grower's markets. I LOVE growing things and digging in the dirt.
  • I love weird music. My daughter's shake their heads at my cd collection. Everything from rap and old hip-hop, psychedelic 60's, Tibetan, drumming, anything for spinning classes, Black-Eyed Peas, Hall and Oates, Mellencamp, nature sounds, birds singing, techno, etc. I love scouring thrift stores for unique music. And if you've ever watched Ellen Degeneres on her show when she dances, I want to BE in that audience, shakin' my groove thang.
  • I collect Christmas cds and dvds. My favorite: Christmas in the Outback. Ashamed to say I haven't watched it yet.
  • I want to take the open drawing class at harwood and brush up on my skills.
  • My favorite Hollywood crush...Johnny Depp.
  • Artists whose work I admire: OLD: Van Gogh, Sargeant, Homer, Cezanne. NEW: Karin Jurik, Halima Washington, Carole Marine, Stephen Goodman. These are all daily painters and very good at what they do. Loose, painterly brush strokes. There are SO many good contemporary artists out there now that it's impossible to pick just one. I love very abstract paintings, I love political pieces, I love realism! There's just no end to the inspiration out there. Magical.
  • My favorite kind of painting: plein air. I wish I could just load up the car and be gone.
  • My children are my biggest accomplishment and make me so proud.
  • I want to make movies - the computer digital kind, where I can burn my own dvds and give them away to family and friends.
  • I was in a spelling bee in 2nd grade. Lost on the word poetry. Left out the "r."
  • I narrated a Christmas play when I was in elementary school. It was awesome.
  • My family moved to a new town when I was in 5th grade. The beginning of a feeling of floundering and not belonging anywhere that is still with me sometimes.
  • Both of my grandmothers had green thumbs, as did my mom. I'm glad I inherited that gene.
  • I have killed a squirrel. It was necessary, she was suffering.
  • I have lain naked outside and sunbathed on a trampoline. Okay, this was a long time ago, in the mountains where no one would come along, and I still get teased about it.
  • I have been married for 33 years, together with my husband for 38. He is the be all, end all for me and always will be.
  • The only bands I would go see in concert these days: Black-eyed Peas and Prince. In a heartbeat.
  • A sunset, a sweet moment on tv, a wedding, someone doing something good for someone else - these can all make me cry and happy to be human. There is so much good in the world.
  • I am a chocolate addict. As in big time. As in needs to eat more fruit and veggies. As in STOP eating for emotional reasons and out of habit.
  • If I didn't have this blog, I would probably be writing THE BOOK in my spare time.
  • I love connection - the feeling of letting people see who I really am as an artist. Artists sometimes put out this persona of who we want people to think we are, - gotta do the marketing, gotta make the sales, gotta do the shows. I live for the CONNECTION. When someone sees my work and it makes them feel something, that's what it's all about for me.
I'm sure there's lots more, but that's it for now.
What is one thing about you that people don't know????


  1. i'm still laughing at you for the trampoline. love - one of your biggest accomplishments ;-]

  2. Thanks - It was pretty cool and liberating at the time!

  3. I want to dssign wine lables.

  4. Thanks for sharing - it was interesting to find out that we have some things in common. We are definitely going to have to get together one day for lunch or a photo trip or.....