Friday, January 21, 2011

two new paintings available

I LOVE grasses. I love the texture, I love to see and hear them blowing in the wind. That's why I really like how this painting turned out. It is from a PAPNM paint-out day up at the Elena Gallegos recreation area in the Sandia mountains. I didn't encounter any other painters but I loved the light, the solitude, and the stillness. I caught the last of the sunset sinking below the horizon and it put a nice glow on the hills and trees. Can't wait to go back in the spring.
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  1. Hi Dee! Wow...this one caught my eye in the Daily Painters New Releases! Your work has caught my attention before as I have your blog already in my fave list. I was reading one of your previous blogs "about you" and boy can I relate! I paint too...not daily...well, just about. Love your blog and will keep an eye out for your new paintings. Love the colors you use too. I was amazed at how many you use! I thought I was using too many! Now I feel silly!
    Best wishes for your 150 paintings!
    JL Kinsey

  2. Hi and thanks for the nice comments! I really think that I do use too many paints in the studio - I try to narrow it down when I go on location because it's just easier. I do know artists who use 4-5 and artist who use about 40 (in a metal pizza pan - little tiny dots of color). Thanks for the wishes on the 150 paintings. I need to get my butt in gear!