Wednesday, January 19, 2011

commission in progress...

This is my acrylic palette - I like to paint on plates when I'm in the studio. I know, it's totally not environmentally correct, but I have to work with what's best for me. I use the same 18 colors all the time. Sometimes I'll throw in a turquoise or a different blue but this pretty much my standard.
I've toned the canvas with my favorite burnt sienna and red wash and lightly sketched in the drawing with loose paint and a brush. You can see the rough in in turquoise for the window.

This is the initial block in of the painting - a New Mexico adobe with hollyhocks and a flower garden, and a beautiful view of the mountains in the background.


  1. BEAUTIFUL!! I love the window, love the corner of the house...

  2. Sandra, thanks, it pretty much says "NM" out loud!