Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Commissions completed, new iris painting

in progress
I've had my eye on painting these irises since last summer. I went on a wonderful garden tour in the north valley of Albuquerque. You can only imagine the flowers and garden art behind these adobe walls! On the painting you can see where the linework has begun. I love it at this point. My eye goes straight for the little orange/pink shapes - that's where I want to put my lines in first. I completely forget about the darker areas and have to stand back periodically and take a look. This will be finished tomorrow.
Oh and I realized something else today - about painting acrylics and painting oils. Instead of alternating days, I'm going to have to alternate WEEKS. That's the only way I can focus and give each medium the attention it deserves. So, this week will be all acrylics and next week will be all oils. Man, I don't know why I do this to myself!
I got some other GOOD news today. In addition to my June 150 Challenge show, I am going to be in a show that will open September 3rd with Esta Bain, Russ Ball, and BC Nowlin.It will be exciting because I will be painting several large works. I'm going to just let loose for that one and go crazy! Okay, I will finish the iris and post it tomorrow. Night!
Commission - SOLD

Commission - SOLD


  1. I really like the new iris painting. I'd love to see it without lines... I think that may actually be even better!

  2. Thanks, Tracy - I'm hoping the 150 Challenge oils will have that soft look without the lines. We'll see!