Sunday, January 02, 2011


My Favorite Painting of 2010
This painting was done at the tail end of Artfest last year. I had one large canvas left and decided to chose a photo I had of clouds. I loosely sketched in the shape of the clouds with cad yellow so you wouldn't see any sketch lines. The middle ground just sort of magically happened and the foreground....ah, my favorite part. Abstract grasses -I just let go and I loved the result. Of course, I have a few more favorites, all for different reasons! Now on to.....
Yes, today I am planning to prepare my studio for actual WORK tomorrow! There is some organizing to be done and toning of canvases, panels, etc. I have to also organize a space for my oil work, which I want to keep separate from my daily acrylics. And I need to warm up my studio because it is COLD. Oh, and I'm also playing around with my blog design and colors, so if you see something you like (or don't), please let me know.
I will be offering 3 or more daily paintings per week for purchase. The price will remain the same, $99 plus $10 shipping. I may offer several up for auction on eBay and I have plans to have a monthly giveaway of a small painting to my blog readers. It will happen on the 30th of every month and I'll tell you more later....
This is so exciting! I am planning on going on as many paint outs as possible and also painting from my photographs. I plan to document with my camera and video as much as possible to make you feel like you are really out there "where I am." We will be hitting all the usual spots; Abiquiu, Jemez, Taos, Chimayo, Madrid, Placitas, as well as many public events. I want to try my hand at some figure work this year, so I need to be where the people are! My solo show will be in June at Weems Gallery. The new 150 Challenge blog is already set up. I will post each painting on my regular blog with a link to the 150 Challenge blog. You may also sign up to subscribe specifically to the 150 Challenge blog. This will probably be my last 150 show. I plan a new direction soon after.
I have my framer building a test frame for my new oils. I want them to be beautiful but simple. And with an antique feel.
My goals for 2011? To be as balanced as possible. To keep losing weight. To stretch more. I just bought 12 new dvds - all stretching. To cook. No I mean REALLY cook....real food around the table with family and friends. To play more games. To ride a bike again. To work on preparation for getting my knees fixed. To go on dates with my husband. To do some volunteer artwork with kids. To go to New York, Hawaii, and Oregon. Why those? I don't know, they've always been in my head. I went to Hawaii on my honeymoon, which was YEARS ago, so I think we need a refresher. Anyway, to travel more and document everything I see and share it with you. My plans also include helping out with communication and publicity this year with the Plein Air Painters of NM. It's going to be a dynamite year; one of opportunity, one of challenge, and one of CHANGE. See you there!

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