Thursday, January 06, 2011

gettin' ready....

This is my set up for my 150 Challenge with oils. I've comandeered an end of one of my tables and set up my easel (so clean and pretty and new...not for long) and all of my oil paraphenalia. This is also my new plein air easel, although I still love my little Cuban cigar box.

These are my canvases, toned and set up for daily painting and gallery painting. I still haven't decided whether I will use panel or canvas for the 150 Challenge. I also have to decide fairly quickly about what I'm going to use for framing for these little gems.

These are Gamblin solvents and mediums. I'm so used to acrylic work that this will feel like Greek to me for the first couple of weeks. Even though I paint with oils on location, it's different with this 150 Challenge; a daily dose oil oil painting!

My new clean, so untouched. I think I should've been the owner of an art store. I love to look at them before they get all messy and used up. I bought about 20 Gamblin and had a few others laying around. I will weed out the ones that don't work for me until I have about 10 paints for my regular palette and 4 for my limited. This will be an adventure for me, for sure!
Oh, can you tell that I am procrastinating?
Let's see, what else can I organize before I actually get started???


  1. What is motivatin you to return to oils? I'm thinking the same thing, but I'm a little worried about fumes. I've thought about the water based oils, but somehow this doesn't sound right. Almira

  2. Almira,
    I'm not really returning to oils because I've pretty much painted exclusively with acrylics - only recently have I been plein air painting with oils. I just want to challenge myself to see if I like it better. I'm using Gamblin oils, which I hear are less toxic and I don't think I'll have aproblem with fumes, because the solvents are Gamblin too.I don't know, we'll see!

  3. This is a very motivating posting. I was snowed in today so I went up and cleaned my studio - now - no more excuses!