Monday, January 17, 2011

my newest read, "the oil painter's biible"

This is my newest art read. I picked it up at Borders in their bargain section for $12.99 and it is definitely a bargain! Whether you are a new oil painter, someone just interested in the process, or a seasoned veteran, this little book is a gem of information. It's a spiral, so you can lay the book flat on any surface and it won't move. The index includes the following topics: MATERIALS, COLORS, TECHNIQUES, SUBJECTS.
The favorite parts for me were about color; mixing greys, using greys. There's also a section on advanced techniques; glazing, impasto, knife painting, scraping back, etc. The section on subjects includes landscape, buildings, people, and still life. Very readable and I think it's one that I will keep in my favorites and refer to for a long time. I will admit, I found it here at amazon - new and used - for a little less.
I'm starting the oils today. I have to admit, I am still on the fence about using frames. I found a cool floater frame at Dick Blick that I like, it has a black floater and the frame is an antique gold crackle finish. I just ordered 8 of them, so I could physically see them with a painting inside. The gallery prefers unframed and gallery wrap canvas, maybe painted black around the sides. I am just itching to see 150 oil paintings framed, all in one spot! I will post one when they get here and maybe you can give me an opinion. To see the frame, click here.

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