Saturday, January 08, 2011



This is a sunset painting of Algodones coming back from Santa Fe. I just finished the linework today and I love the way it looks! You can drive home that same way every evening and the sunset looks different each time. The painting is on gallery wrap canvas, painted around the sides and is meant to hang unframed. This painting is available for purchase by clicking the Paypal link below.


Almira Hill Grammer said...

Dee, see my comment about the oil paints. Almira

D.M. SOLIS said...

I love this one. The colors and light are so true. I remember sitting on a bluff near the School of Mines in Socorro for part of a day, watching the sun shift and the colors and shadows changing on the plateaus in the valley below. You've captured New Mexico's brilliance beautifully. Thank you.

Dee Sanchez said...

Thanks, I know what you mean about shifting colors, it's constant.

Cara said...

This is so true to the New Mexico experience. You did a great job on this -

Dee Sanchez said...

Thank you - you can try to capture it all you will, but it just never does it justice!