Sunday, January 02, 2011

Hello everyone and Happy New Year!
I hope your holiday was wonderful and relaxing.
I am working on lots of plans right now - the first one being the new url for my blog.
The new site link will be
It doesn't really mean any changes for you- you can still google and it will direct you to the same place, but it will be better for the new marketing and branding ideas I'm working on for this year.
Wouldn't you know it? I have so many things I should be doing right now and I caught a cold the day after Christmas that has kind of knocked me down a bit. I am feeling better though, which is why I'm posting tonight. It's rather cold in my studio, since I haven't been in here and it's about 10 degrees outside. I'm not kidding you, it is BITTER cold outside right now.
I'm gearing up for the 150 CHALLENGE; got my oil paints, got my easel, got my tripod, got my palette, got my new Nikon camera. I don't have my panels yet, but I have enough to get started. I'm working on some cool ideas for framing too, which I will explain in the next few days. Anyway, I hope to start taking some photos to post tomorrow. I really have to get organized and quickly.
Oh, and I wanted to ask you about this text you're reading. I'm trying to make my blog as easy to read as possible. Do you think this color works? Or would it be more readable if it was lighter, like this? Or maybe if my background was lighter? I think my paintings look best against a darker background, but I would love some feedback!
I expect this to be a FABULOUS year. I feel like I'm going to get lots of painting done, lots of day tripping done, lots of weight loss done, and lots of "living life to the fullest" done. I invite you all to come along on the journey with me. More tomorrow....

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