Tuesday, May 17, 2011





I am now being represented by One Artist Road Gallery in Santa Fe,

NM. This is a beautiful gallery located one block north of Santa Fe's historic plaza.

To view their gorgeous space and list of artists, click here.

The gallery also publishes a beautiful book called The Artist LookBook, of which I will be a part and have a one page spread of my own. So stay tuned for that sometime in June.

Between painting for both Weems galleries, One Artist Road, two upcoming shows, an Alameda Studio Tour, and my daily paintings, I should stay pretty busy.


I have six new 150 Challenge paintings! Hopefully after today, I will be in the #30s! This is the part I love best, getting down to the nitty gritty, deciding what to paint from the subjects I have left. To view the new paintings, click here.

It's nice and cloudy outside today and a great atmosphere for working.

I will also be dropping off and mailing over 1000 postcards for the 150 show. Stay tuned!

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