Tuesday, May 17, 2011

new 150 paintings

I have been working all day today and it was a joy, even though there's a lot of work involved and I am getting close to the end. I can feel it!

I thought I would show you my initial block in of the darkest darks in the finished painting below, which is my first step in beginning each painting. I did a rough sketch in paint, using lots of water with just a little bit of acrylic - just enough to show me the basic composition. You can see that I kept it loose and free.

The finished painting




If you look closely, you can still see those darkest darks. The second step after the darks is to hit the lightest highlights. Mainly so I can remember where they are. And then all of the middle values. I like this finished piece.

Okay, I have three new paintings, not including this one, that I just added to my 150 Challenge blog. That brings me to painting #38. Wow, so many to go, so little time.

To preview the new paintings, click: www.150challenge2011.blogspot.com.

Remember, if you see a painting you want, please call the gallery at 505-764-0302, and give them your information.
If no one else chooses your painting, it's yours for $150.

If someone else wants your painting, the gallery will draw a name and that person wins the painting for $150.

This will be the last 150 Challenge I do for a while - I have a lot of other things in the works, including possibly getting that little place up in Taos that I've been pining for, where I can and paint whenever the mood hits me. Maybe in 2013, I will do a 250 Challenge!

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