Saturday, May 14, 2011


Roy looking at this guy, thinking, what is this little tiny ball of attitude?

Good morning and isn't it a wonderful Saturday? I got up early, filled all of my hummingbird feeders (6) and fed all of my regular birds too. I probably won't get much painting done today - I've got a work out on my agenda, have a graduation thing, and probably varnishing about 30 paintings. Tomorrow I am working on postcards all day long. But I have every canvas left tagged with its subject matter and I can't wait to get to them all. It's gonna be a busy couple of weeks for me.
These photos you're seeing are so funny. I have this big huge yard and my pups are not very small. Well, they have been getting visited by this little small pup with an attitude. I don't know where he comes from or exactly what he is but he slips in the back gate, walks around the yard peeing on everything and acts like he owns the place. When I go outside or try to talk to him, he takes off. The first time he came in, I thought my dogs might try to attack him or bite him, but they don't know quite what to make of him. My daughter asked me, "But mom, why don't they bite him.? I said somehow they just know he's a puppy like them. Oh, the antics in my backyard.

"Yeah, I'm in your yard, so what?

My palette after a day of painting. I use a grey disposable palette that I cut to fit my tray. I can complete maybe three paintings with this palette, adding in a couple more quirts of titanium white when I need them.

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