Thursday, May 19, 2011

just rambling...

Man, it was cold today! Right now on my computer it says it's 53 degrees outside. This is a quick photo of the Sandia Mountains covered with clouds that I shot while driving across the river, yes, I know that's dangerous but sometimes you just have to get that shot! It's been cloudy and so cool all day today. I love it - although it makes me want to curl up under a blanket with a good book.

All of the neighbor's roses are blooming - I stopped to take this photo on Guadalupe Trail near my house. I rolled down my window and was trying to get just the right angle when I looked up and there was a huge truck behind me, patiently waiting for me to finish. At least I think he was patient. Anyway, these roses really remind me of my grandma's climbers in that beautiful "old world" color. I may have to paint this one.

This is a close up of a rose bush that looked more like a tree, the whole bottom was bare with a full head of roses blooming about 5 feet from the base. I wish the leaves hadn't covered it in the front. I may go back for another try.

These are roses - I have no idea what kind. They're on my street. They have a million colors in them; pinks, corals, reds, yellows. If anyone knows the name, please tell me because I think I have to have one.

Another mystery on my street. These look like peonies, but the leaves are wrong (I think). They are such a vibrant color.

Well, I know I should be painting right now but I'm not. Yet.

Last night was our meeting for the Alameda Studio Tour. We are working on getting artists (we have about 25, but they are not all committed yet). We had our meeting at one of the artist's houses. Well, two actually, husband and wife. She is a paper assemblage artist and he is a photographer. Beautiful work. A small house with a luscious little outdoor patio and lots of flowers and plants. I wish I had taken my camera. And a sweet little rescue pup that was no bigger than my hand but climbed all over me. The tour is coming along, we're still working on getting sponsors to help for the costs for brochures, maps, and all that kind of stuff.

I'm going to be posting thoughts and goings-on over the next two weeks before the show. Hopefully, some of them will be coherent. The only posts I will send by email to my followers will be the 150 Challenge paintings. So if you want to check in and read my silly writings from time to time, please do.

I'm gonna quit messing around and get to work. I'll sweep the studio and maybe paint those pretty red roses. Have a great evening.


  1. I believe those are tree peonies. They mostly have long Japanese names. They are a woody perennial rather than a herbaceous perennial like the ordinary peony.

    The rose might be a Joseph's coat but that is a climber and this looks more like a bush type rose. So who knows?


  2. Vic,
    Okay, thanks, I heard today that someone had peonies blooming, and I know my two peonies bloomed a couple of months ago. These must be what you're talking about. They're beautiful.