Sunday, May 08, 2011

Legacy Art Event

My cousin Goldie with Adam Beach - he's a Canadian actor starring with Harrison Ford in this summer's blockbuster, "Cowboys and Aliens."

My cousin Goldie with Lou Diamond Phillips, the ultimate star of the Legacy Event. He ate dinner at our table. Hey, why am I not in any of these pictures?? Actually, I was in this one. I cut myself out because I had the stupidest grin on my face.

This is Mike Moroff, an actor who has appeared in a ton of movies (La Bamba, Scarface, Desperado, Robocop, to name a few). He is intimidating as an auction room-watcher, enticing people to make bids for paintings.

This is my painting, next in line to be auctioned. It sold for $2000!

This is artist John Saunders, a Legacy favorite. He is also a fantastic pie-baker and has won three blue ribbons at the New Mexico State Fair.

This is his apple crumb and it sold for over $100.

We all had a fun night. The food was good, the celebrities were great and most of all, they sold lots of paintings that will provide art scholarships for students.


  1. What a wonderful event -

  2. Cara,
    It is always so fun, especially with Lou Diamond Phillips!