Tuesday, May 10, 2011

a big work day today


A quick note: I forgot to mention that the Colorado Magazine's online version has done a nice article on my work. You can find the issue here.

This is pretty much how my studio looks every morning when I come in. The first thing I do is let the pups out, give them half a gingersnap cookie and open up the door, turn on the computer, and check my emails. If I have someting to post to my blog, I will do it after breakfast.

The door opens up to the outside courtyard, which is really quite nice, but I hardly ever go out there.

The rolling cart usually holds all of my reference photos but I have really whittled them down for the show, so it's pretty empty and about to be filled up with toned canvases.

You can see a lucky horseshoe by the door, and my bookshelves are packed full and need to be decluttered. One of the shelves broke last week and all of my American Art Collector magazines ended up all over the floor.

There's the big sunflower painting waiting to be worked on, and of course, you can see one of the doggie beds, the other one is behind the table. I have to move them outside every morning so I can work.

In the very foreground is the mask I've been wearing when I'm varnishing the little paintings. Retouch varnish really can be overpowering. The big brown hinged panels hide all of my plein air painting supplies: tripods, boxes, rolling carts, etc., and other things that I have no idea where they go.

I've been thinking about painting the studio a pretty grey/green. What do you think?


  1. Looks nice and cozy! Not sure on the grey/green. Maybe a soft light yellow would be nice....


  2. Oh grey green is one of my favorite colors and would be a nice contrast to your paintings which are so vibrant and colorful. Some of the grey greens are almost silvery in color and look so serene and peaceful.

  3. HI Dee,

    I like the grey-green range, too. I think it would look great if you blended a couple colors, like the background on the Cinco Cholla painting you did, sort a combo of grey-green and a peachy color, but maybe a little lighter since if you do all the walls there will be a lot of it and it could get too dark. Whatever, stick with what makes you happy. You have a great eye for color and know best what works for you. But what you have now, looks a little drab in the photo. I don't remember your studio being so plain. Of course, I was overwhelmed by all the wonderful paintings.

  4. I say go for the paint - but not TOO grey. Like the greenish shrubs on the hills. I love New Mexico!

  5. Okay, you guys, thanks. I am going to go get some color swatches and plan on painting sometime after the 150 show. My studio does need some pizzaz!

  6. My studio now is ugly boring white. I'd liek something that doesn't compete with the paintings, but enhances them. I've seen a couple of studios in books with that preyyu soft grey-green and it looks really nice. I may put a couple of different swatches on the wall and see what happens.