Monday, May 23, 2011

new 150 Challenge Paintings!

I have six new 150 Challenge paintings for your viewing pleasure.

I can't believe the show is only 12 days away! And I still have 26 paintings to do! Will I make it? It will probably be down to the wire, like always.

I'm excited about the subjects I have left - and I love this whimsical little painting that you see here. I was trying to capture the beauty of spring that you see in Taos. I just realized that I forgot to put in a magpie. That will happen in one of the next paintings. What you see here are my whimsical version of spring trees, pink blossom trees (maybe apple or peach), white blossom trees (probably apple or pear), and three little sheep grazing in a pasture on a hill. Makes me want to go to Taos. Now.

Go to to see the six new paintings and stay tuned for more. I hope you're coming to the show!

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